Johnson Space Center Case Study

19th June 2011 | Case Studies


Johnson Space Center, in conjunction with Honeywell, selected Maneri~Agraz to design and install all HID high bay lighting in 24 buildings and to “re-retrofit” over 18,000 light fixtures in office buildings that were originally retrofit in 1999 by the Maneri~Agraz team who were then Honeywell employees.

Office areas were retrofit with 28 watt T8 lamps and 3rd generation high efficiency ballasts, having JSC an additional 25%.

High bay lighting provided JSC with approximately 50% energy savings while improving light levels and providing an instant on light source.

Installations were completed seamlessly and without interruption to the facility processes.


Total Facility Size all areas retrofit: 1,250,000 square feet
Facility Type: Manufacturing, Warehouse & Office
Location: Houston, TX
Annual Savings: $216,911
Demand Savings: 359 kW
Energy Savings: 2078504 kWh
Project Size: $925,456
EPACT Tax Deductions: NA
Utility Rebates: $121,039
Return on Investment: 27%
Environmental Benefits: CO2 reduction: 3,117,756 lbs. annually

I would like to take this time and express my feelings toward the project management provided by Mr. John Maneri and his team. As you know the project suffered some setbacks due to Government regulations concerning ESPC, however, without his dedication to the lighting retrofit Energy Conservation Measure, the overall project success would have been hampered. In short, his ideas on tandem wiring provided NASA with a winning solution for maximizing lighting energy savings. Due to the additional savings, JSC was able to include HVAC control upgrades, which was a vital part of the project. His professional demeanor, creativity in problem resolution and excellent report with NASA personnel are the prime reasons that Honeywell DMC excelled on this project.

– Dennis M. Klekar JSC Energy Manager